We have many services to fit your electrical needs.

  1. Residential Services

  2. Commercial Services

  3. Alarm Services

  4. Customer Service

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At E.S.E. we have pre-trained and state certified electricians that can meet the needs of any construction situation, including:

  1. New Construction

  2. Remodels

  3. Service Calls

  4. Trouble Shooting

  5. Service Upgrades

  6. Temporary Power

  7. Generator Installation

  8. Septic Hookups

  9. Well Hookups

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Commercial and Industrial

Evergreen's personnel are experienced and specially trained
to meet the wide-ranging needs of our many commercial and industrial customers, such as:

  1. New Construction

  2. Tenant Improvements

  3. Service Calls

  4. Maintenance

  5. Lighting Retrofits

  6. Medical/Dental Clinics

  7. Motels/Hotels

  8. Parking Lot Lighting (50-foot bucket truck)

  9. Signs

  10. Multi-Unit Housing and Apartments

  11. Manufacturing Facilities

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Alarm, Security and Entertainment

To help meet our customer's needs Evergreen offers a full-service alarm and security department, with state-certified alarm technicians that specialize in providing:

  1. Burglar Alarm Systems

  2. Fire Alarm Systems (sizes to fit any need)

  3. Fire System Competence Testing and Inspections

  4. Closed Circuit TV Systems

  5. Access Control Systems

  6. Low Voltage Wiring

  7. Intercom Systems

  8. Speaker Systems

  9. Phone Systems

  10. In-Home Theaters

  11. Stereo Wiring

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Customer Service

  1. E.S.E. has courteous and professional office staff ready to assist you:

  2. Helpful knowledgeable office personnel to answer questions.

  3. Quick response to customer needs.

  4. 24 hour Emergency phone line.

  5. Product and Warranty support.

  6. Permitting and inspection coordinating.

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